When it first came out, in Europe, I sent to Germany and procured a quantity from Behrings', and before I had had possession of it more than a very suffering from laryngeal diphtheria which had produced stenosis and serious embarrassment to the breathing. His literary work will long remain a monument to his memory, both in his great volumes on surgery and in his other books and monographs. Sixth nerve, paralysis of, probably SkuU, cases of compound depressed Spasm, local, two cases of. The same thing occurred in opening the other ovary, and it seemed as if the patient would die, but flushing with warm water again revived her, and the patient is now doing perfectly well. With careful rinsing the contents of the tube are then transferred to the graduated tube of the hemoglobinometer and compared with the standard solutions.

On comparing the absorption band in the red, with the spectra of a set of Browning's samples of blood products, and with the various diagrams published on the subject, one could not fail to be sti'uck with the resemblance of this band near the C line to that given by h?ematine in acid solution. This treatment should be repeated daily, or less frequently, according to severity, for days or weeks, until the peripheral dilatation which is accompanied by increasing elasticity becomes established. Light destroys the virtues of the leaves; and, therefore, the powder should be kept in opaque bottles, well corked. In order to have a license revoked, it must be shown that the defendant is guilty of some of the acts for which the Board is authorized to refuse to admit persons to its examinations, namely: fraud or deception in obtaining licenses, conviction of a crime of the grade of felony or one which involves moral turpitude, or procuring, or aiding or abetting the procuring of a criminal abortion, or other grossly unprofessional or dishonorable conduct of a character likely to deceive or defraud the public, or for habits of intemperance or drug addiction calculated to injure the lives of patients. It is now supplied by the bandage with six chefs or heads, which is called the Bandage of Galen or B. In regard, furthermore, to diffuse lesions, there is one affection where certainly there are general diffuse lesions and where partial epilepsy is very common, namely, general paralysis, which has hardly been mentioned to-night. Nerve passes through the crus at the side of which it emerges. In teaching the use of instruments and methods of precision, the author, we are glad to note, does not omit to urge the importance of the simple use of the senses, and of individualizing each case. Knowing that the causes which most surely and powerfully disturb the compensation are overexertion, mental worry, and malnutrition, the physician should give suitable instructions in each case. The pain increased, and had the character of shooting pains down the spinal column; and the tendency to stagger became more marked. The points to be relied upon in the differentiation are, in order of importance, the nystagmus, the bladder disturbances, and the volitional tremor. The left auricle discharges its blood with greater difiiculty and in consequence dilates, and its walls reach three or four times their normal thickness.

The following report of the Editor to the Trustees was submitted by title: EDITOB'S BEFOBT TO THE BOABD OF TBUSTDES. From Laurua Cainphora, Per'sea Cam'jora, an indigenous tree of the East Indies. At the lower part of the medulla, after the fibres going to the cranial nerves have crossed the middle line, a large proportion of the fibres which are left cross, decussating with those from the of the same side, forming the direct pyramidal spinal cord axis - cylinder processes leave the to enter the anterior horns and end about the cell bodies of the lower motor neurons. Cameron's case, on that account, was not likely to be one of this disease. Possibly, as has been suggested by some writers, the paralytic conditions associated with chorea may be analogous to those which occur in typhoid and certain of the infectious diseases. There is, hoAvever, another suggestion along the line of anaphylaxis which is derived from the fact that the only two slight recurrences of urticaria which he has had occurred in connection with"colds." This naturally suggests the possible With reference to the etiology of the acidosis we must carefully consider intestinal conditions. Aetna Life Insurance Co., Waco, Texas (so stated by the Aetna Life Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn. Whether the sick be cured or not, the idea is to quarantine the germ in the body, much as the smallpox patient is quarantined in his room. Here let me say, Lupus vulgaris is a very interesting affection, and its tuberculous origin, owing to the work of Henry W. As it is the first conviction in America for the adulteration of popular drinks by extract of Erythroxylin oooa.

The town of Cove is on the southern acclivity of a hill running from east to west. He was carefully looked after, and fed also by rectum until we considered his condition and an incision was made through the fascia of the rectus at its inner border and the rectus displaced to the right.