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acted in the manner of partial ligatures and led to local anemia
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In the second stage the process of exudation increases while
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for this drug to produce its special eSect it is necessary for
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our greatest benefactor We did not seek to destroy the
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It occurred under the care of Dr. Addison in Naaman s ward
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during more than a century destined for the reception of the sick
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by beinginclined neither backwards norforwards is madeito emerge
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was no drawing of the face. There was no strabismus
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affected joint was much swollen and was attended with
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Mr. Abernethy does not enable a surgeon to select with
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experience proves it best at once in any case requiring tracheotomy
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in such tumours whereby in consequence of alteration in the cur
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On May. I passed a trocar and canula into the tumour
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not coming up to town before Wednesday. This contemptuous
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