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The white spots on the membrana tympani appear to be

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only an hour before the discharge appears. The pain comes

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cannot conceive how any dispassionate observer could doubt

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she has often experienced this before it is evidently neuralgic.

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for some days previously he had been allowed to leave the

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although they are easily separated from each other so that

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the disease included under that head other vascular tumours and

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that this report tends to justify such statements and to decide

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was bound tighter but the wound bled still at intervals. On

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rence of an excess of alkaline and eartliy phosphates in the

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observed and so fully and ably reported by Dr. Jenner and I

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nine lunar months pregnancy the child would probably have

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natives be assigned to their taking only one meal a day when the

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She has been occasionally quite free from these attacks

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matter of great interest to determine the age of the clot. The

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attention of the Profession is respectfully invited to GLASS S PL RE

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blood which so constantly occurs during an attack of acute

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terebinthinate mixture and take two grains of quinine in

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by the shedding of epithelium in successive layers from the walls

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that it is only since the unimpregnated ovule was detected byBaer a

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doubt the prudence of giving the preference to sore throats

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