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by a medical gentleman of Antigua. He observed that the

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served were profuse perspiration and hurried respiration

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altered epithelial particles unite end to end as often happens

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the question of contagion of yellow fever at rest Y ellow fever

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the child sent a bottle of medicine with directions that a teaspoonful

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which have seemed to me sufficiently effectual in cases where

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a clause which should charge the liabilities of the Board upon

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former unless preceded by bleeding. After these two classes of

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are thickened and at the same time united into a lump by

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your correspondent to review what occurred and give the case a

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ment the sugar of milk was acted on by a powerfully oxidiz

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tents. Now public opinion without inquiring into the

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spot of ulceration existed in the mucous membrane. In a case

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and then there is much distress. On this account the


to the right extremities the trunk and neck and the

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merism. The Profession will be gratified to learn that our

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part retains its natural compactness and firmness but the portion

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John Ross and crew on their return from Victoria Harbour where

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by Professor Bennett of some peculiar bodies from the brain which be

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ally relaxed and his feet had t ccome more swollen but there was

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The treatment pursued consisted in applying to the surface

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instrument would have been so serviceable as it is. My own

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Nitrate of Silver to theURETnR Dr. Hunt of Brook street On

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evidence which shall be proved to be erroneous. I am amp c.

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ceedings with reference to the estates and incomes of persons found

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and soft copious discharge from the wounds unhealthy in

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order to be admired by the aristocracy and the learned professions of

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tissue for some distance being equally cedematous at all parts.

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assumed. I have to day receive an intimation that my further

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ia stopped and the tissues return to their primitive form. He

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practically. He could readily pass an instrument into his

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In thus calling attention to a new apparatus for the treatment of

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ceeded to corroborate the view taken above by saying that he

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the vestry room of this parish for the purpose of electing a vestry

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grade as by law established. But if on the contrary it be

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elevated but the ulcerations rather presented the appearance of