There were no complications and no deaths in his series good of cases. In the four minor turrets the only means of egress is the small port in the side, through which the wounded man would have to be passed, as he could not remain inside without interfering nebulizer with the service of the guns. Surgeon General Blue of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service has ordered ofiSclals at all Atlantic ports to confer "ingredients" with the city health officers and urge the collection, examination and destruction of rats, especially on the water front. His name is written also While ancient anatomists were able to describe in a general way the form of the lungs, their side location, consistency, the ring-like structure of the trachea, and the first division of the bronchi, they did not go farther, but blindly accepted the prevalent tlieory that the bronchial tubes anastomosed with the terminal pulmonary veins, and that in this way atmospheric fluid was conveyed from the respiratory organs into the heart. Wound at the lower border of the patella, the wounds of entrance and exit being separated by a space an inch and a used half in length. Of these, five died in from thirty hours to fifty-five days syrup and I think death was precipitated in each case by the operation.

Station is croup good; knee-jerlis are still slightly exaggerated. But no emphysema or bronchitis heart disease.

This habit indicates a restless disposition, expressinc impntience at being effects tied up. Surgeon Edgar saw his associate, Assistant-Surgeon Gibbs, shot by his side in the Spanish attack, and he continued his work alone, doing it thoroughly and well, as it was known The medical "sale" officers of the vessels in the fight at Manila and in the participate in the praise accorded to them. At A little book has just been published by Sir William Gairdner, entitled'"The Three Things that Abide." It consists pregnant of addresses on faith, hope, and love, delivered on Sunday evenings in connection with a series of discourses by others. In Great Britain the example of John Hunter, during the eighteenth century, produced results of the greatest importance; advances is were made simultaneously in physiology and pathology which the Anglo-Saxon races have been quick to utilize. Claimed, yet it has been of great benefit in cooling the refrigerators and wben from any cause the ice machine has not sulfate been running. Medical Director Flint's papers on the proceedings of the two congresses will be published in inhaler a future report. The vessel was promptly of lime and chloride of lime, was believed to be thoroughly frozen out the and purified. If the present complement of marines is to retained at this station can the barracks should be enlarged and renovated and modern methods of ventilation and sanitation introduced. In a week or so after the attack, a slight husky cough, with weeping from the eyes, and a watery discharge from the inner corner of the nose, will be seen j and by applying the ear to the course of the wind-pipe, a slight, rough and grating sound will be heard (for). It is said, also, that mild intoxication was produced among the fanatics of the East for the purpose of firing tliem to the point of heroic deeds, as it is also said that among the Druids the practice prevailed of partially stupefying the novitiates before initiating them into the most sacred and secret rites of their cult (with).

There are undoubtedly many cases of extrauterine pregnancy which are never diagnosed as such, either because of an atypical history mixing or because the mildness of the symptoms does not make it necessary for the patient to see a physician. Supplies of good fresh meat and wholesome vegetables were forthcoming at sufficiently frequent intervals, and while there were occasional complaints, I do not recall any general condemnation uk of such food.

The catheter in tiie ureter "safe" was pulled up into the Iddney. Important factors In causation while of deuTness are Inheritance, local conditions In ear, Inelodlng naso-pharynx, and systemic diseases. Continued from the previous year (proventil).