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suddenness of a traumatic cause ; young persons fagged by long mental

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cocci found when suppuration has occurred, or in any ease when the bullae

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upon, it must be explained that this multiformity refers more particularly

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noted without apparent alteration in the condition of the patient).

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hyalin-degenerated epithelia. Bowen, from his later researches on a case

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eruptions exemplified by the well-known hydroa sestivale, various forms

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of health through the whole course of the disease, but to this rule there

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balls, and all sorts of ornaments; after which it is slaugh-

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visible phenomena are sometimes so slight that the case may be hastily

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of the humerus, and if so the posterior portions of this area tend to

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of drinking ; others are upset after long series of debauches. Any cause

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albus, S. cereus flavus ? Streptococcus pyogenes (erysipelatis T).

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well-known cause of a blister ; so that the urticarial wheal may be also the

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Various names have been given to the several forms of maniacal excite-

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In severer cases (I. nitida) the scales are not so limited, but form

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described are fortunately the least common. As a rule the progress is

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1. Berillon, Edgar. " Les applications de la suggestion a la p^diatrie et a repli-

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\ Changes of circumstance, with the passive influence they exert in

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Since his time the process of elimination has gone continuously

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away, after softening with warm water, water dressings or poultices ; or

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The Cell in Development and Inheritance. By Edmund B. Wilson, Ph.D., Professor

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tions into its pathological anatomy constitute the most important con-

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In some cases borax and sodium bromide in combination appear more

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explanation to the most mysterious of subjects. The same conditions

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a dead or asphyxiated ichthyotic foetus (Barkow). On the other hand,

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intercommunication. Certain also is it that in times prolific

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characteristic of syringomyelia, in which there is early and marked thermal

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and also increased necrosis and new production of epithelial elements.

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rudimentary or imperfect hairs ; either those which are in early stages

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with ; some assert that their mind is entirely in the hands of their enemies.

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the spotted fever. He practised physic as well as surgery.

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curative ; but it must be remembered that a man who suffers from

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ont ete forces de convenir qu'il fallait se resoudre a une operation hon-

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is smarting, attended with shiver, and may end in a jet of mucus.

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diploma, saying that he knew he should starve if he did not

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excessive talking. The trouble appears in early life, and is not infre-

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find a vein lower in the forearm or on the back of the

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arrest in development. A healthy infant, when awake, is constantly in

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at first was pushed upwards and stretched, begins to proliferate and to

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mental enfeeblement come to prevail over those of brain excitement, and

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