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It will be as well to correct order one or two fallacies regarding them. From the vomiting occurring in the gastric crises periodic hypersecretion is also differentiated by the appearance of large quantities of acid gastric secretion in the vomit and by the fact that the attacks persist during the night, neither of which is usual in the crises of locomotor ataxia (price). Amantadine - on the contrary, health would be promoted, and important social benefits would accrue to country neighborhoods, if two or three nights of every week, after tea, were spent in friendly visiting, remaining not later than ten, thus encouraging that interchange of social associations which diffuses intelligence, promotes kindly feeling, enlarges the views, expands the ideas, and elevates the whole character, by cultivating the tastes as to dress, tidiness of person, and the imitation or copying after any ornament or improvement of the grounds and dwellings of the neighborhood. Each one of these conditions, if passed "(symmetrel)" on to the orthopedist, requires special, prolonged and persistent treatment, as they have passed into the chronic stage when seen by him.

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