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oMnsehl. Clefchlechta etc. Leipz. 1789, 8to. p. 50.

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ined at the end of each year's study, mainly in writing.

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followed by insanity. Adolescent insanity has appeared

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foot and reported several cases. He gives the credit

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By following the directions, this article may be formed into a most healthful and pleas

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curability of the diseases which they complicate. The

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would be detained in the veins .'' This being the state of his

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when the stones start to pass through the ducts that pain

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this : A patient has a foul smelling discharge from the

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ported from England, under the impression that they

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the alimentary tract. Minute nodules on the gums are so common in

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after the onset the changes found correspond to those described. As a

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shrinkage of one side of the thorax, or a part of one side more especially.

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on the whole, quite poor, and few surgeons, he thought,

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be greatly emaciated, a considerable layer of fat still re-

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During resident interneship each physician serves for a period in each depart-

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to explain to us about the things that got In that should not have,

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isolated, it was very probable that it belonged to that

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on extravasated blood, and not merely on congestion of the Malpighian

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primarily in the larynx is rare; the disease, in the cases in which this part

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the close of infancy, diildren between the ages of six months and one

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year 1914 motor traction for ambulance work was used

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spheric dissemination, infection and contagion. The