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Mr. Bransby B. Cooper, Dr. Gross does not recollect to have
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ally walking to death. They exercise even in the sec-
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pare a vaccine from killed B pertussis organisms and were
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seen any ill effect from them, although Montanier re-
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ver; is it of cattle origin? Lancet. Lond., 1885, li, 521. —
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There is not much to be said in reference to the rubber syringes em-
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Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of re-
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fainting, pallor, signs of shock, rapid pulse, lowered temperature,
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residence or the place or period of previous practice,
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jection screen. All like new. $1,213 value for $850.
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and three ounces of Syrup of Orange Flowers, or Simple Syrup*
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Massalongo and Silvestri, Disseminated Sclerosis Following Influenza, Arch. ital.
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riose. Bull, et mem. Soc. med. d. hoy. de Par., 1893, 3. s.,
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fourth stage ; the vomiting and purging are less, the purging is involuntary ,
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active to the passive form, which demands certain modifications of our
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Of what possible benefit can it be in consumption to give
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night, and with a great deal of interest to what Dr. Britton has said ; and I must confess
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in some severe reflections on the Government for abdicating
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tariness of the melancholiac is well known, and may be noted wherever a
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fuse expectoration, with solid particles floating in a puru-
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labouring under a disease produced by Arsenic." Let us, for
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of voice other than hoarseness and the weakness of voice
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throughout life. These changes are the effect of the swaying
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A successful case of treatment by this method is re-
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tion. It would have been better if they had. And so with the
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cough: Danish survey from 1970 to 1975. Arch Dis Child 1977; 52: 134-137
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vernment ones. This was held to be an undignified and un-
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(W. F.) A few practical questions concerning the forceps.
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irritation of the eye, while all risks disappear within a week or two of the operation.
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arm was still weak and the left leg was paralyzed. Her medi-
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inspiration and expiration are blowing and cavernous in character, and expiration is
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was noted an almost perfect agglutination, but that must not
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tary of the State board of health interviewed several mem-
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violent evaporation of the xylol when placed in paraffin.
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tient was seen during his convalescence by Mr. Erichsen and Dr. Richardson.
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examined twice a day in order to see that everything is in proper
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correct diagnosis is essential, but to obtain a proper
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travels down into the lungs. Though the cough at first is dry, there
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water, which is generally high-colored ; nausea and vomiting.
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I shall not detain you any longer with my observations, but
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* I made this note before seeing those quoted above from the Infirmary
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the limbs, it is true, but they can go out and attend to their busineBa
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1.011; no albumin, no sugar; one hyaline cast found; no other formed elements
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VVinfield, Kan., on February 8, from postpharyngeal