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Prognosis. — The prognosis in hysteria is always favorable, although re-

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of the undiluted serum and bacterial emulsion, and the others 0.9 cc.

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Bacillus Tuberculosis, significance in phthisis, 216.

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Temporature Record in a case of Continued Malarial Fever. Septic variety.

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the drug is given after a shorter interval, no improvement is ob-

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out and drawn across the infected corpuscle. They correspond to the so called

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bicarbonate is added, about 10 grains to the ounce.

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tion slightly positive. The bacilli in the sputum are equal to Gaffky's No. I.

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A quarter of a century ago, it was estimated that about

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the obstetrician or nurse to approach the parturient

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tion, the sore broke open, so that a portion of intestine protruded,

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it was found to be non-agglutinable with the immune serum used

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numbness. Finally, a partial coma may supervene and the case assume a

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method, in relation to which he promised at an early period to pre-

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the recovered case at a given examination, and then be found again

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Whether, therefore, the preparation brings about these results dire* I ly

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it into that institution, and two cases are reported by Dr. Yandell,

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and badly nourished. It is yery frequently a complication of chronic

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quence of cold may be given the drug without inconvenience. How-

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there could surely be no immune substances from the serum still ad-

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a time, it will be found beneficial to take but two

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througli the motor, sensory, co-ordinating, or psychical systems, by symp-

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of the liq. acetatis ammonise, in a little sugar, may also be given*

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coughs violently. It now commences to cry, and the cough be-

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reaction. By this time decrease of rales was observed and the temperature

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We may, I think, conclude that the dilation of an artery produced

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disease after the symptoms of confirmed cholera had fairly set in,

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it from reaction with the serum. The former possibility, though

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ened punishment should she ever enter his presence again simi-

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was made by Pfeiffer and Proskauer (5), who separated cholera immune serum

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ommended by Beard. In my experience the only course which has been

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much as we so regard the gastric juice, the bile, or

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Coccyodynia is common in women, and is due to neuralgia of the coc*

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rales at the left scapular region appeared on May 7, when the fifth injection of

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The blood was drawn 10 days after the last injection. Pfeiffer's tests

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pointed out that an inverse ratio seemed to exist between the power