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and a small quantity of nucleo-albumin and extractives. It
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Under the caption " Therapeutic Indications, " the foregoing pages
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blood clots with faeces, which are becoming formed. Baths ordered omitted, to
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in a gradual manner by lysis. There may be a post-variolous rise, and
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of some of these mixtures, by which he hopes to inveigle
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fresh or canned. Of all vegetables, asparagus is least affected
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of pigment accumulate in the center of the parasite, while on its periph-
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there was a decided neurotic element in the case, involving insomnia
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Professor John Attfield's analysis of a soja-bean flour in
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bad for the gouty. It bloats and gives a false look of health.
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winter a uniform cold, much sunshine, and purity of atmosphere. A
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manganate. The salt is added till the water is of a rose-red color, and
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obscures the true nature of the malady. This is the iiephro-typhoid of
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ing to the temperature of the water and the reactive capacity of the
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proper one: and the ]ihysician should direct the dose to be taken
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destroys digestion. He claims that digestion, especially diges-
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The influence of injections into the rectum and colon upon the
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Leading Symptoms and Complications in Detail. — (1) Joints and Sur-
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quiet for a time (four days), when the baths may be resumed if there is
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as a remedial agent and the fact that it may be applied in any form
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individuality of the animal; {b) upon the temperature; lasting longer
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to ten thousand feet at once. Probably four thousand to six
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not found much favor, and in America has been too small to afford
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upon parts which a brief injection with some strong medicament fails
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sun drying. Suffice it to say that it answered its juirpose in its
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absorbed by the lymphatics. Resolution usually corresponds in time with
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We get probably little " Vin Brut" in the United States, but
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methods (walking upon wet grass and upon wet stones) and attracted
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impaired (though variable), and the tongue is clean, red, and glazed,
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varying from 40 to 60 per minute in adults, and in children from 60 to
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berg in September, 1889, six temperature charts, which graphically
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]irodiict as a medicine, so that il will iiol run niii liefore periiiis-
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acid, acetic acid, and butyric acid. From the intestinal wall
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A sufficient number of clinical histories has been cited from pri-
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to the great fame he has justly acquired as a diagnostician and prac-
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In children there is no rigor noticeable. They grow pale, the vis-
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sumption. The latter may include inadequate distribution
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his success in vesico-vaginal fistula. There were cases in
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ings', and before I had had possession of it more than a very
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some one who must also look after others in the family, it is
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of T0°-100° F. (2i.l°-3T.7° C). Systematic bathing in this manner
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environment is established. Epistaxis may come on, from