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nion reasoned without examination; thus have subsequent com-
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by the modifying influence of climate upon the course of the disease.
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may be gathered the fruit of every gleaner in the field of sci-
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able, namely, that when an injury seems to have been the cause of a
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second, ulceration ; third, healing. The general health
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The date of death varies with the epidemic, the form of the disease,
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nant state at full t«rm, and we shall find the fibers of notable size,
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tables prepared by himself, showing the number of deaths that have
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satisfactory, as Avill be seen by the following detailed history of the
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riages M Fifty Cents, which should he /'onrarded in postofje
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Besides this there have appeared: Alcohol memorandum, cholera
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wet sheet. The arthritic affections do not contra-indicate these measures.
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out even in the coldest weather without any recrudescence
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considerable annoyance and discomfort. Most of the cases are seen
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by a band in the immediate vicinity. This latter was
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Seclusion, rest, sleep, appropriate food, fresh air, sun-
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will rarely exceed a dozen, and if this dozen comprise
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more deceptive when the right side is affected. With the pain
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ankylosis of the joints. The disease process differs from ordi-
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side ; that is right lateral homonymous hemianopsy.
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suffices for men under conditions of active service an:l ex-
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may be, it is only necessary to mention that, among other
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And so the obstetrician, by the administration of small
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days ; recovery does, however, sometimes take place,
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tion, so that it is often difficult to set the exact limits of health
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Robin, de I'Academiede Medecine. Paris, Sociec^ d'Editions
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h.iuki I'r . .ililullv f\,iminri! tnl m ,lli|r- .ll lllr III III .mil'lll.llli 1-.
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ovary, which has been shown to be of epithelial origin, but
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are allowable, roast beef, lamb chops, chicken, and broiled steak, but
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would prove an efficacious excitant. Rough and harsh exercise, such
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or more ulcers are frequently present in the same stomach.
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tive; interesting, however, is the latter's positive ex-
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rapidity, whereby its freshness is maintained in such a
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Zahan : Sur le sort du tissu implante dans I'organisme.
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time assumed that syphilis and alcohol in the parents were the
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tution. The initial term shall be so established as
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adults at least tivo-thirds of all the cases of diseased
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condition of fire extinguishers and fire hose, removal of
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and certainly the treatment of syphilis by its supposed specific, mercury,
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It has, indeed, rarely happened that a guinea-pig of a series died
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membrane which lines the ventricle is not mere hypertrophy.
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NSAID. Various types of dermatological toxicity have
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gone out of the path of his duty, and, instead of confining him-