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class. But the pathology of these conditions is not

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repetition of the attack, called forth in the same manner. This occurred

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On March 17th, the day following the appendectomy, a

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which, in practice, he abandoned. In one of his later jDapers, "A Lost

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eral hygienic details, advises calomel in from 5- to 10-grain doses, followed by

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Both kidneys very much enlarged, especially so the right one, which

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should be given to that part of a limb beyond the seat of fracture to preserve

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showed granular patches in the bladder. A ureteral cath-

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in the building of the church). I couldn't go to church

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been lost through a cause as yet to be ascertained. The matter being

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one-half ounces on January 12th, which remarkable rise was undoubt-

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tion of the vaccine treatment to tuberculosis of the

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willing victims. He calls attention to the frequency

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the pressure in the arteries or by narrowing at one of the valvular ori-

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berculous physician all over the world. In the uni-

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felt, nor was deep pressure exerted upon the right loin painful. Feb-

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in the diet of the host, or any factor causing stasis

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York : Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1910. Pp. viii-362.

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The patient continued to make good progress, and the temperature

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cases in which examination of the posterior urethra

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It is somewhat remarkable that about thirty cases were observed in one year

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bellious to treatment which before had afforded re-

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constant form to be found in clear vaccine and variolous lymph is probably

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tative and not qualitative. By this it is not meant to assert that the

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eral condition w as very much improved ; the weight re-

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appear altogether in the middle of the day, only to

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ever "come back," as the vernacular has it, has once

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instrument, and has found it especially useful in diagnosticating twin preg-

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sated hearts this — as well as other drugs of the same type — is unneces-