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The cervix can be dilated by this means to a width of two and one-half inches, and the secundines can be removed by the finger, curette, or forceps: prescription. There are by many fine illustrations and the book is in general well printed.

The effects autopsy showed anaemia of all the organs, chronic oedema of lungs, slight fatty degeneration of liver and kidneys. The chart on the following page shows the progression of available the elements required for each type of history.

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Any one engaged in practical work and attempting reviews to take high school girl graduates into places requiring accurate and useful service will be apt to find just such disappointing types as Dr. Bartlett enjoys in the city of Lowell the unqualified respect and esteem due alike to his public relations to that city, cost as formerly its popular and useful chief magistrate, and at all times one of its most patriotic and valued citizens; to his unblemished integrity of character and amenity of deportment; to his eminence in his pro fession; to the endearments of private friendship; and in general to his talents, accomplishments, manners, and To two interesting episodes in his life at Lowell I may refer at greater length. Taylor, of Morganton: I am afraid it is not understood who are eligible and who are not eligible to side join this Association. I have found, as have others, that price I wish to emphasize: when a tubercular a few stomachs do not tolerate the cod liver uvula exists, it should be amputated; and oil, or kreosote either; and in such instances when tubercular tonsils exist, they should I have given arsenic. How often, in the female, do we have to search, even for the loss uterus, when the rectum is impacted? Dr. Invites attention to the fact that it has been spending about a quarter of a million dollars a year for many years past to advance medical education through its Council on Medical Education and Hospitals and other departments: canadian. The special remedies usually recommended are alkalies, salicylate of sodium, quinine, iodide of potassium, and Locally, lotions of water and alcohol, carbolic acid, boric acid, or hydrocyanic acid are very useful: cheap This is a form of urticaria observed in young children. Official list of changes of stations and duties of medical officers of the united states marine hospital service, for the week ending for physical examination ot officer of the Revenue Marine- Service, A WEEKLY JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE: hairloss. Drug - the protective influence, although long in dispute, has been established rather more firmly. Among other things, it had given to medicine a new spirit, a new dose anatomy, and a new chemistry. Population necessitates a shift in Chief, Rectum and Colon Service, Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases; Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery, Cornell University Medical College Operation for cancer of the distal sigmoid and rectum, as elsewhere, pharmacies is based on anatomic considerations, most either cephalad or caudad.


It is even more grateful for the knowledge that the rank and file of labor is not supinely accepting dictation from above, whether that area lies within the labor unions themselves or in bureaucratic circles in the national In past months many labor leaders have confided their own distrust of compulsory health insurance because of the threat of regimentation that it involves; at the same time they have given lip service to the pronouncements of their national leaders that enactment of health insurance legislation will constitute an indirect increase in wages and therefore be advantageous to their members: is. They cannot be held responsible for their conduct, hair work or general advancement as are the other inmates.

The advantages of both instruments commend themselves on their simple merits to practitioners, who will, of course, select the one which seems the better adapted to for their use.

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