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over the body and pain in the joints and lower limbs. The child has

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patient is and the more pronounced are other trophic disturbances.

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from arterial sclerosis may lead to rupture of a vessel. It is gener-

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I would recommend that these patieuts he subjected to a three-weeks'

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with dyspeptic troubles. This is unfortunate, for there is no perma-

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with such children, it is not only troublesome but difficult to over-

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and would give it the guaranty of their favor and sup-

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The Cerebellum. — The cerebellum is situated in the occipital

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theria. VI. — Measles or Rubeola. Measles, German

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characteristic acuteness of observation the older physicians insisted

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due to the presence of lactic acid formed during the state of activitj'.

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of the liver and gastro-enteric tract before they have time to attain

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forms of the disease the characteristic ventricular hypertrophy that

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after its use, the administration of full doses of tartrate of antimony'.

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Similar results have been remarked in Holland, Belgium, and other

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changes of temperature, or chilling or slightly frosting the skin.

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Ley den, Erb, Landouz}', and Dejeriue bring important contributions

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Such statistics as those above quoted appear to lend countenance

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to act through the nervous system, and which may be roughly classed

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the seat of the pain, in its shifting character, and in the occasional

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system really resolves itself into the consideration of the question

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effect of muscular spasm, but implies present or antecedent disease