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clearly indicative, the presence of moderate tenderness, and augmented
baclofen 10 mg overdose
(<?) Febrile albuminuria is of rather frequent occurrence in diseases
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of intercostal nature, of the sensitive points along the course of the ribs,
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are rather doubtful causes. There are cases of bradj^cardia in which
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for the purpose of furthering research on strictly medical lines.
infectious complications of intrathecal baclofen pump devices in a pediatric population
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labor increases constantly the tension in the arterial system, and this acts
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that excite inflammation. The condition may complicate acute laryn-
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lumbar nerves. The utero-vaginal plexus divides into two parts,
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possessing a metallic quality are sometimes heard, as well as metallic
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was authorized by our Legislature, a clause was introduced into
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It is announced that the New York Department of Health is about to
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attention is called to its location by pain in the abdominal cavity.
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brane of the stomach, attended with more or less severe local and con-
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the subject notices that the handwriting is not quite as perfect as before,
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more weeks, as the case may require. This must be carefully
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medicine, with proper care for those suffering from nervous
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(b) Tropeolin 0. 0. — Alcoholic solutions of tropeolin are turned by
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presents circumscribed areas of thickening, or the growth takes the form
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dyspnea may become very pronounced and stertorous, accompanied by
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the presence of a murmur and other physical signs during the intervals
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the urine. Fibrinuria may follow nephro-lithiasis, as in a case recorded