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East India station returned a lot with the report that after par

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enlarged and in structure resembled that of the tumour. In six

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ganic substances oxidizing these to the greatest degree

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are nowhere more strenuously advocated than by the. kkrahs

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stating that amid the great improvement which resulted

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lation and atrophy of the vessels. It is evident that cceteris

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I confess that I knew nothing of it from previous experience.

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IV. Because in all questions of mere professional principle and

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operating during infancy render it rather a rare circumstance to

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pabulum whereon small pox might prey. If the Legislature could

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The Museum of Mankind. Mr. Catlin the energetic col

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by Dr. Hence Jones was Reversed in these Two Cases. We

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a week regularly visited by the druggist who had supplied him

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commenced its course. On its re appearance in the town of

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experience of one man was not sufficient but the combined know

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I believe there are numbers of individuals especially in towns such u

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directed that henceforth and until further orders the inspection of


on the retina producing a paralysis of that membrane. This para