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toxin. It is readily obtained by filtering bouillon in which the diphtheria
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The bloodvessels of the corium are injected both immediately beneath and
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features of onset show no special peculiarity; general malaise, anorexia and
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organic diseases of the kidneys, although such would best
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frosts puts an end to the outbreak. That the infection may be carried long
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history of injury. Ashton and Landis found 7 cases in 991 in which trauma
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twenty-one days. Much of this discrepancy is due to faulty observation, and
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Mode of Infection. — The explanation of the exact mode of infection is
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know the difficulty of making them observe sanitary regulations, either
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the average general resistance. The general result of this tendency to
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be regarded as positively dangerous. As regards droplet infection relatively
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apparently sometimes vary periodically. As a rule they are few early in