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titis is purulent, producing a gelatinous pus, which is either evacuated
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When the convulsive tendency is very acute, morphine may be given
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fibres pass through the so-called tegmentum, i.e., through the posterior
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if possible, to remove the cause. Thus, in many cases cure cannot be
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The following gentlemen were appointed :— Drs. Spence, Oaillard, Houston, Cullen,
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DEFINITION. A disease of uncertain pathology, occurring in those
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feature of the earlier stages of the pure insanities.
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general vital depression which attend it, and by the disturbances of the
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are formed. Boils and carbuncles may occur, and urticaria, herpes, and
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treatment is carried out, are all obviated by the much simpler, safe,
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rosive sublimate in a not too dilute solution, it diffuses over the throat
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quad.); P.O.C., primary optic centres, including lobus opticus, corp. genie, lat., and pulvinar of one
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never seen do good. Large doses of mercury are not to be thought of,
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lower extremities, and tend to become confluent. Extensive hemorrhages
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gastritis. Prominent among these causes are the long-continued use of
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indicative of the degree of toxaemia than are the extreme prostration,
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no specific treatment, the interest in them is more pathological than
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In our attempts we used the inhalation of sulphuric ether twice each
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gery, however, has gradually widened the scope of surgical treatment.
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times confusedly to lose himself in well-known streets. Although this
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The papular syphilide may accompany or follow the macular rash, and
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the calculus is impacted in the ureter, ulceration, perforation, abscess, and
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downward displacement. When it exists the smaller curvature of the
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skin is not infrequent. It is, as a rule, the digestive disturbances which
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strictly confined to individual functional tracts as in sclerosis : conse-
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Endocarditis is designated septic or malignant when symptoms of
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are actually driven by their natures to what seem to others horrible
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direct manner, as by producing anaemia of the brain through cardiac
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It is plain that ordinarily in thickly populated cities the conditions
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the last stages of opium poisoning. The peculiarity of the beliefs is their
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bile-stained softened centre of these nodules. Such tubercles are often
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to this condition in infectious diseases of new-born children, and Winckel
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SYMPTOMS. The invasion of the embryos often causes no known
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betamethasone sodium
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Monsel's solution as equally efficient and less irritant than the chloride.
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with animal broths. Strong beef tea with an egg stirred into it whilst
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membrane, and the diphtheritic variety by a necrosis of the superficial
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of these cases. Drugs like strychnine and digitalis may be used in times
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It has been demonstrated that in the lower animals diphtheria can
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who have no distinct hysterical temperament by overwork, depressing
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and is more lasting in its effects. The only other effective anodyne
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obstruction has been found at the age of six and beyond that of seventy
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phatic glands, and a host of organisms. The changes throughout the
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just so long will it continue to exist; when this pabulum is exhausted
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which governs the spread of other contagious diseases, and we now
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lism of the superior mesenteric artery, finds that the first symptom of this
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of the dilated Fallopian tube, usually in that beyond the uterus. The
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happen, it is best not to make the prognosis too absolute.
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tain a semi- narcotism, or at least to control the hiccough. Stimulants
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