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Britain, is a political satire, very similar in structure
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up against the pack , and lets the loop drop over his right shoulder, in read-
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meninges of the cord, extra-durally, of tuberculous granulation
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The first successful case of excision of the lower jaw performed
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parenchymatous nephritis, 3-'J0 ; of hydrone|>hro-
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in normal and diseased subjects. The work has been done at the
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civitj, he intertered with nature's conservative pro-
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change, and perhaps also on the fermentative process, of intra-
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specific plan for any of you. My purpose instead has been to emphasize to
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May 2G, 1919, Arsphenamine, O.G gm. intravenously. On May 28,
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the cause of the loss of function. Both are present in nearly all
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lished that substances in solution obey the same laws as gases.
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occurred from the pulmonary artery,'" another coronary
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which there was pronounced nephritis the hemorrhage was present only
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Table No. 41. — Comparative toxicity of serum No. 123 A.
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trucks, or on board ship, and this is what might be ex-
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them to accept service; for these are the gentlemen
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amount — not much over one-third of a pound in twenty-four hours.
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McGovern, Edward Francis Univ. Bait., '01 Bridgeport.
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would be great prostration of strength. You see here
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Similar results were obtained in other individuals-
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singular disorder usually commences in such a manner that the in-
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solution of the strength indicated in the following operations : —
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tion was observed in the apposition of the articular
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injections, and a warm stone at the feet, (when ne-
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It produces, on explosion, the violet-coloured fumes of
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thickening of the mediastinum has not been regarded as evidence of
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in the United States. In Hollinger FB. Lemon SM. Margolis H (Eds): Vital Hepati-
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recognition of the fact that it is to physiological chem-
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implies, merely air-pipes, but that they contained blood as well
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Acute Glossitis. This is rare and occurred only once in this series at
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districts; stimulating local authorities to carry on energetic campaigns
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paper and Lusk's "Science of Nutrition," third edition, 1917. These will be
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president, J. S. Gould^ presented a memorial to the Legis-
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ankles, elbows, and wrists for three weeks. No car-
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intrapleural space and recreates the partial vacuum required to expand
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porary administration of oxygen is not wasted, but utilized for recuperation.
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attributed to exposure the night before : his face was con-
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abundant evidence to justify the conclusion that usually the in-
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by bilateral intestinal exclusion and restoration of intestinal con-
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Smollett founded the Critical Review in 1767, and the
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talent has also given her the opportunity to sing the "Star-Spangled