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the leading generalizations which the study of the history of cholera

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stances, and at the suggestion of Sir James Simpson, that I tried

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My object in bringing these few remarks on this interesting but

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stupidity ; this last or common stage of insanity is almost or quite

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ing that this may be due to experimental error (note duplicate

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severe fevers {e.g., typhoid), and also in other diseases {e.g., cirrhosis of

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and Crithidia, when division is complete the two daughter cells

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dea. But this merely shows that there are other important agencies

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the inhibitory apparatus in the cardiac muscle itself. The combination

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chloroform. This is formed in the blood, from the absorption of the

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some astringent. This may be done in any case as a precaution.

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minutes ; awoke at 2 P.M. perfectly sane. Slept at first somewhat

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which I shall allude is tlie selection of a site for an hospital. This

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of the skin, Hver, kidney, spleen, and adrenal both vascular occlu-

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wide from country to country by successive regenerations, never

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great influence on health ; and we shall, in this portion of our

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the connective and fibrous tissues, there are found fatty particles of

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used only in such individual cases as apparently are not affected by them,

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that it was becoming very weak, we resolved to give up all attempts

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of the body weight of the pig. In his virulent cultures, about

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a severe run of fever, with necrosis of the ears and scrotum. The

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made at all periods, from immediately, to an hour or more after

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Experiment No. 1. — Mr R 's (of Jounpore) antidote, the

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normal human pool to compare with them; therefore the figures

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ously mentioned. The remaining 127 cultures were from 125 persons suffering from

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on either point. The greater number of gynaekologists, in attempt-

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which is taken daily in the ordinary food of the guinea-pigs. It

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2. He advises that the thigh should be bandaged firmly from

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to high altitude nor is fever except when combined with a rapid heart

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subcutaneous injection, has been abandoned because of irregu-

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here. Bergey (1907, and several earlier papers) thinks that there is a relationship

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considerably enlarged, specially on the subject of treatment of gun-

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unusual had occurred until the night before I saw her, when she was

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Other drugs which have been recommended for diabetes, but which

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limb of the body more affected than the other, except that both

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vessel may be injured. Friedrich has reported a case of hsematoma of

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chloral had no effect ; but in acute mania and delirium tremens he

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then made I said that, so far from compression being an inferior

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^th April. — Took her breakfast and did not vomit it, nor did she

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Duration of feeding required for the infection of the tick and length

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answer, is the most incoherent nonsense — words without connexion

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giving a good money return to the men who spend their time in