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Dr. Copland said he adhered to the opinion which he had ex

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arteries whereby vis a fergo is diminished and blood loaded

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towards the tip not thirsty appetite pretty good bowels not

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consist of laminoe having very much the appearance of tassellateil

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of disease not unfrcquently met with in the upper jaw. It

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sion he had advocated Mr. Gay s plan of treating his cases because

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bladder. A large quantity of alkaline urine was drawn oft

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This objection has been obviated by submitting the dried vegetables

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stinking piu ulent matter. On careful examination it

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Dr. Camps then directed the attentioa of the meeting to a case

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be more useful than Colleges which are monopolies and

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mere variations of colour. The colouring matter of the

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In the chapter upon treatment the disease locally and generally

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to add to the pain already existing and was immediately discon

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Laudanum ought to have been included in the Saleof Arsenic Act.

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warm blooded animais tlirough the oxygenation of the former com

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upon this complaint remarking that takinginto considera

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It will therefore he with feelings of real sorrow that

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the origin of oxalate of lime in the urine. He believes that we

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reasons which need not trouble vou with felt that to save the

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we might so term it upon which the varying powers of the

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fees notwithstanding their exceptional preference for a

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aminin Animalcules a minute account of their structure propagation

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do the Committee call upon the scientific public for con

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Bennett and displayed very beautifully the characteristic crj stals

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several distinct muscles. In Mr. Nelham s case one of these

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vague and general we substitute for it the phrase indolent

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Profession. Tlie cause of medical reform is advancing

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same direction an affection apparently supervening on the

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loathing increase the stronger is our determination to oppose

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instrument as an awl punctured this part of the brain in

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carriage without much distress even though she had been


while the author flatters himself that it may lead to an

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lating influence upon the whole uterine system and a gradually

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are in the canal of the vessel and not on the surface which

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one ovary a fibrous tumour was found the uterus being at the

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silver of varied strength employed with some benefit so

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death caused apparently partly by exhaustion and partly

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private practice in number of which were fatal. These three

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carbuncle would shortly have appeared in the neck. The