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The system under which the county insane are now cared

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out of their cage with a curved stick on which they remain hang-

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practiced her profession with success. In 1852 she published a

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departments of the science and art of medicine, so as to

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Case I.— Watson; aged seventy-six years; widow; clinic No.

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when we can watch from day to day the gradual disappearance of a

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permitted examination without wincing. The explanation of

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inoiilliK) Cor t'ii(]it nioiitlis. Tlu' ()r<raniKin slill sliowcd llic above

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relapse, in pregnancy or after childbirth ; the dis-

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When excision of hemorrhoidal tumors is practiced, the bowel should

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Favus. Monatsh. f prakt. Dermat., Hamb., 1887. vi, 981-

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any more than scarlet fever or measles. The course of the attack can

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Bacteritiria in scarlet fever. — Since the specific organism of

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for instance. I can hardly see how the time at which conception takes

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the pleasures and enjoyment of the meeting as long as they may

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the dotliing which press upon and confine the chest, and cause the

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culation should be well sustained with light nourishing

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of the bowel was much aggravated by the dietetic regimen. Later,

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decreased galvanic reaction of the right visual tissues,

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committee, and Drs. Connor, of Detroit, Jackson, of

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Berl. l-lin. Wochenschr., 1891, xxviii, pp. 1069-71.

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Larvae of many different flies have been found in intestinal

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and being taken on his return to the country, communicated it even

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brain or of the spinal cord, or of portions of one or both,

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continue to be habitually exposed to the exciting cause of the

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fasting diminished his blood sugar and his acidosis, as

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lence. I therefore tightened the ligature, and left

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extended to the fibula ; the disease had probably commenced in the

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tissue, and dilate above the strangulation, or are at times fused with enlarged

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