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such as amputation took place shortly after an accident

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and therefore no sugar ever passes off in healthy urine.

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when the abstraction of blood was largely used as a remedy

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side of the limb in the course of the lesser saphsena vein.

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it some inveterate cases admitting of cure would go unrelieved

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have been directly caused by the distension and inflamma

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Remarks. The above cases partly illustrate the methods that

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this situation the mucous membrane was thickened protruded

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as when admitted at the beginning of the previous year he was

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lowish sero purulent fluid and its interior was lined by an irregular

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I advise her to use the prone position as much as she

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members serving in Her Majesty s navy to the midship

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had encephaloid disease of the breast. In three cases the struc

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as the most generally applicable plan as well as that which could

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secure contact at every point in a line drawn from the neck

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bronchitic or the latent congestive form both of these

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the sudden and rapid loss of blood before I enter upon the

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The most remarkable circumstance connected with the

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The Medical Profession is informed that the objects of this Society are

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which really though unintentionally corroborates the opinions of

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important points connected with that injury. But we are

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deformity are extremely hazardous to life and perhaps it may be

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blood corpuscles were present. When liquor potassre was

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Upon the clavicle being laid bare it was discovered that it

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collodion over the emptied cysts hoping by the contractile

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unknown quantity can be placed in the apparatus and by

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gradual transition from this condition to that of other tubes

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rather darker in colour than the other and its structure not