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Professor Sayre, in mild or convalescent cases, made ^J^^^^jg^"

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Gowers in a series of 50 cases of brain syphilis (endarter-

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months after the fever. Keen's explanation was that the

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article of diet forbidden. In the other case, special diet was

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their friends and the public, for the extensive patronage

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lai)ses occur, the affection becomes symmetrical and generalized, if

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by decomposition from exposure to the air, or alkaline from a bladder in

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authorities the following treatment of placenta previa is recom-

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and still continue to look, for discoveries in this fruitful field of science.

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Place a pan of lard on stove to boil, beat sugar and eggs

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Dr. Storer said that it resembled the latter in many

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skin is cared for during that time. The family history of a patient

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matosus, on account of the flushing and the congestion. Moreover, the cases

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an incision large enough to admit of a ready evacua-

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having become impacted between the jaws of the instrument,

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whatever. That it is hereditary or runs in families, we believe ; but this

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nine or ten pounds to the square inch without being re-

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obstetric work is found. The diagnosis of infection or gangrene,

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nothing new in the method, except scientific application

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spection of the accompanying cuts (Figs, i and 2), which

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Acetone, diacetic acid, and hydrogen sulphide do interfere. Where

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marked sensitiveness to pressure in same region ; pulse lOO ;

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by the obrious infection of the fcetus before birth, communicated

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an applicant, but about this period the Medical Faculty of

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ployed, the opening is enlarged with that instrument as before described.

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with difficulty, and occasionally regurgitates fluids through the

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sponge or cloth, otherwise it will give the skin a yellowish brown

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Kemble, brother of the celebrated actor, John Kemble,

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1896. EccLBS, William McAdam, M.S., 124, Harley-street, W.

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primary carcinoma ; HerfF (Bd. xli.) reported a case, originating in the

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tant question for the Association to determine, and if

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aneurysm is infective embolism, either from ulcerative endocarditis or

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Dr. Louis Faugeres Bishop said that his experience had afforded

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William Cullen — were born in Lanarkshire within a short distance of