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care was had to exclude possible error, and during the three days ensuing the
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tn rabbits, lesions or ulcers were found in the duod-
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2. Hft., 1-16. — Hirschberg (J.) Ueber diabetische Er-
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the last week in July. Some of the medical examinations
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himself as the most wonderful healer of modern times, and it is
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tried are subject to flexure or deviation of the vertebrae,
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foods pleasantly emulsified with the Oil, thus rendering the whole palatable, as
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It is possible that some of the proliferation of tissues such as the
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of the knitted sjiirt. The strips of adhesive ])last4>r
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the tumor there was a large abscess ruptured in the abdomen and two quarts
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again. Taylor states, however, wdth regard to S. fasciata, that it
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number. The trypanosomes of the first feed had disappeared
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was about 10 per cent. The causes of death in the males
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differs from 2 in this respect, that it is capable of multiplication — 3 added
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thing else that does not touch the pain at all, and
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teous, frank, considerate, and natural. He was a simple,
relief may be sometimes partially brought about in this manner, and the relaxa-
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ment (the British monarchy itself is the ~ of tradition —
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in these repressive measures, and whicli yearly isolates
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thorough palpation. After a time ulceration took place,
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s6s. 7h(d., 1892. xi, 28-44.— Conder (C. K.) Hittite eth-
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the jiestilence maj' again appear upon our borders.
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tive ionizing power of Roentgen, cathode, radium, polonium
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easy to shell out, or diffuse, giving rise to corresponding difficulty.
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we seek to gain it, is the most dangerous error that
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violent contractions : that the efforts to breathe are very great,
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with quarter-ill during the years 1891 to 1893 ; in Baden, 375 cattle
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patients were treated by the method of combined version,
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failure, such as atrophy, dilatation, fatty degeneration, valvulir lesions, anemia,
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find, has been recorded as having been reached in any case of any kind of
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Quite frequently sputa suspected of being tuberculous
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and insert an extra-uterine application. She continued
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The benefits that result from the internal use of hot
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small holes in the top (one over each spool), through
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From these statements it will be apparent th;it in many cases the
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peared in both samples were asked to complete only the
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'«i< .t^^COiOlO • 05 00 t- '^ti CO iH O lO Oi CO CO to
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low down, by injection. The membrane shrivels and loosens,
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If the medical profession is promoting .,,,.,„• r . "
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combined lesions when one was plain and another sus-
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intermission the fever returned, and rose to 104° P., with a pulse of
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Family Indian Loaf. — Two quarts scalding hot skim-milk, one tablespoonful salt,
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this opening is a proceeding as difficult and tedious