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Gentlemen Before the business of the evening commences I
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the Executive. The successful candidate referred Dr.
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necessarily attached to this malformation remedied or improved by
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been very irregularly carried on since the last report. There
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craft are applicatle in all their force to the editors of Medical
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tion of the patient will avail as the nitrous acid with opium has
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honourto the ancient borough of Inverness and will repre
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by the use of drugs or of the other expedient adverted to.
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emmenagogue but its use is at present much restricted. Its
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causative of fatty degeneration that the subject of mental affec
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the brain it was found to be generally softened but more espe
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sutures. I do not agree he continues in the statement that it
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kidney may possibly be worth the notice of some gentleman inte
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crease of his private professional engagements obliged him to
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direction bringing away much thick white albuminous
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which it gives although it professes to authorise the party holding it to
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It was of quite recent effusion was clotted and bad hol
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degeneration of tissue. The treatment consequently must be very
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ranks as one of the most valuable means brought to the in
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In the works already referred to the aggregate of cases in
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cases punctured his urethra from tlieperina Um and intro
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stance long thought to be impossible. The union in such
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before he had recourse to the ligature of the common carotid and
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Certainly this peculiarity in the vocal sounds was most remark
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drawing oft the fluid. The patient died four days after
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medicine joins issue with the old system on every inch of its
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symptoms. Were I asked therefore to define the cha
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small it did not appear to be the seat of vascular injection
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mortis was complete in the trunk and Unibs. The thymus gland was
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must be understood to mean not only a temporary suspension but
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taken to prohibit tlie treatment of disease by chemists and
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Foot John O Neal gent. to be assistant surgeon vice Barclay
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PsTCHiD Cosmopolite On Large Doses of Arsenic Mr. Lee
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Davey s unqualified declaration in favour of mesmerism
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weekly medical journals by which their proceedings would be
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cystine fibrin and carbonate of lime because they occur
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ment adopted by him iu such cases might be recognised. When
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panied by fissure of the rectum and the formation of a com
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several points of suppuration scattered throughout its sub
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pensary. A vacancy has occurred in the office of Physician to the
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from that of the regular school in short notwithstanding all
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nacity of life of the Infusoria. Experiments of Leeuwenhoek Fontana
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tube with an entire diameter of j inch would have a free