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origin, their differences being caused by the saprophytic conditions which
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by a timely blister ; and the value of a vesicant in promoting absorption
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The nearer the colour of the ground approaches to white (snow, chalk
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tion against others; and many observers — such as Salus, Weibel, and
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Avithout orders. It is wise for her to avoid cheese, pickles, uncooked
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not contagious under normal conditions. To transmit the disease some-
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Cartwright remarks, that the traveller, on visiting the burial places of
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"Climate" in Eiicyclopsedia Britannica, vol. vi. 1887. — 14. Buchner, H. " Einfluss
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throw but a rapid glance at some of lower regions not included in the
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made over the large intestine, beginning at the right iliac fossa, and
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and so made more toothsome. Loosened teeth have to be reckoned
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noma in a lymphatic gland by transformation of the leucocytes or cells
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we must proceed slowly and cautiously with subminimal doses, yet when
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to make 20 pills. One or two to be taken at night. The cases of head-
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The permanent home of influenza, if one there be, is not yet
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tated and imperfect sleep. The child was brought to the Hotel Dieu,
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with the fourth week : in not a few cases, however, the fever does not
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good rule is to change the meat juice from day to day, so as to prevent
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centre of the abscess was seen to consist of densely-packed leucocytes
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coral, in this way, is easily explained. Supposing the base of its forma-
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Compared," Dublin Qu.arterhi Journal, 1866.-76. Smith, R. Angus. Air and Rain,
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undertaken by the practitioner himself — though this has been done in
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now ID use in this most frightful complaint, where it takes place from a
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head is thrown backwards (in extreme cases so far that it appears to lie
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4. That the exudate plays an important part in diluting the irri-
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promoted by fomentations — perhaps leeching the vulva and other ap-
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down. It was maintained, however, that this albuminous precipitate
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looked upon as an enzyme ; so that Martin's conclusion is that the bacillus
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and as a rule the symptoms are less severe than in the primary attack.
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Fee for the Tickets of all the Professors, $50. Those who have attended two full courses at an
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rigors, vomiting, and purging ; but such suddenness as this was, so far
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(leucocytes), and larger cells of epithelioid type with vesicular nuclei,
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fided in the idea that, though these ulcers had, by the influence of such