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duced as a substitute for transfusion an ef- lution. The therapeutic effects are precise-

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London Agents:— Thomas Christy & Co., 4, 10 and 12 Old Swan Lane, Upper Thomes St. E. C.

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and applied as above stated. Instead, however, of affording the

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and "lack of proper nourishment." Such sit still for any length of time. When we

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physiologic function. pecially in diseases of the respiratory or-

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doubted, yet the same authority says, "that the only resort. In 1850 Morrill Wyman

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that it would be impossible to attempt any to the point marked i.o, the tube is drawn

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there are two objects with which we may give alcohol in

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nutrition of the patient that curative treat- of any climate or subsequent mode of treat-

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self. The cause of this obstruction (or arm of protection around the seat of inflam-

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inoculation in guinea-pigs, or the proof of the presence of

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In 1887, Schiitz published the results of his investigations

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an inch, I advanced it again, and it entered the bladder at once.

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labour, about a year before, lasted four days — the child was still-

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position of which eggs enter largely. He considers that a very

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called upon to treat, and which refuse to lent character gain entrance. This may be

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glycerine agar, in acid-glycerinized bouillon, on blood-serum

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with the improved nutrition of the brain, which rest, tonics,

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first was only 0.7 per cent., it had increas- in spite of an abundance of nourishment,

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If the stools are loose and are passed frequently, two or three

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Dogs affected with dumb rabies are less dangerous simph'

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raisers is to the effect that the disease is amenable to treat-

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usual time. Of the next five, four ran an average course and

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inent raised patches. Sometimes they are infiltrated with

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inasmuch as his views have been sanctioned by so able a body as