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Low diet with one pint milk and arrowroot daily gruel and

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sion of a rupial sore to the deeper textures and on their

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before the Medical Council for the country in which he

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date A London Surgeon how it happens that if nature

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more than the usual extent of inches some bloody mucus

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such a state ovules would probably be eliminated in the Graafian

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less excretion. I ought to have put it in this way The fluid

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detected its presence in diabetic urine in which it is more easily

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tioned. The pericardium was di gt tended by sixteen ounces

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innocent man has been unjustly and ignorantly condemned.

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lesion. b This appears to be a very probable explanation

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to the observation of at least one practised microscopist who had

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the termination will be the same as that described in the

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authors principally Continental ones have denied the

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inquiring into the cause of this mischief I learned that he

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efficiency of a most important branch will not be sviffered to

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During the last twenty five years various modifications of

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handles it but from the fact of its having been almost

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manifested in the patient immediately after tlie operation

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of the discovery of sugar in the urine was mentioned to me

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remember that Hahnemann states that the pernicious practice

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see as well in the animal as in the vegetable kingdom loss

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were i eal and undoubted facts in these two cases and

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injection into the tunic allowing it to remain. I have

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ously. Several portions may be employed where more than

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ask. Did we do all that was advisable to be done Pro

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rrhage is probably owing to the thicker and more solid

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whose warrant of appointment bears date prior to the first

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bour the Haltcrs land more fever and more cholera as Dr.

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system. For these particulars we refer to the paper itself.

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the old opinion of tlie paramount importance of rest in the

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of the Medical Faculty in the place of M. Bernard. It was

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I will not occupy your valuable space by reprinting details

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undergo in the state of health and when we can find the

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very much relieved and was going on well when there

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qualified to conduct such investigations should be constantly

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actory. I think it is more likely that the sugar may be

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