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than what I have here alluded to. It has revolutionized

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ably be used with advantage during surgical operations in which no

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sponsored by Deloitte & Touche, you save money, play a variety of courses, and help save sight, too. The $35

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100 milliamperes. Duration of treatment, three months. Com-

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cases in which the main symptoms were laryngeal. But I think that no one

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tumor the size of a child^s head takes up the anterior aspect of the neck from the hyoid

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should be tested for farinaceous and other kinds of food. (See Starvation

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by using moderate traction on the cord, and yet the placenta

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Second-class postage paid at Baltimore. Md. Published

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ter — mustard and flour in equal parts — to the

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nella practica oculare. Ann. di ottal., Pavia, 1899, xxviii,

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from his heterogeneous envelope in the radiant panoply of

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of the peculiar oduur of this disease. Typhus offers a true exantliematic

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independently of contact, were termed " infectious." This

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to direct irritation of the muscular coat of these arteries. While spasm of

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increase gradually in size. When so large as to interfere

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The males are usually much smaller than the females, having the tail

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the widest and most comprehensive manner, but failed to obtain

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domen capricious appetite, impaired rumination, a tendency to

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literature of ectopic pregnancy has already reached are surpris-

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doubt to a certain e.xtent recompensed according to the skill

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The female is 9 by 5 millimetres ; scutum oval, larger than wide.

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S. S., male, aged nine months, was brought to my division

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denal ulcer. A rising leucocyte count may suggest the sequence

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1641. From an attentive consideration of the facts and views

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cellarage underground, for they all present ojjportunities for

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ever exists, the soft structure only being destroyed.

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if accompanied by malaise or fever. Pravastatin therapy should be discontinued if markedly elevated CPK levels occur or

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Months are required before any marked grade of tolerance is

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Fusiform bacilli and spirochaetae have been described in

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passages, except in unusual cases. Here we have a marked distinction

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relative positions were reversed ; the solution of the sulphate of magnesia, instead of tbe

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A great disideratum in the medical practice is an ideal tissue builder. The

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death. Artists throughout the ages have been eloquent in their dramatization and description

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thus distinguished :— The substance is soluble in water, forming, when filtered,

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geants for abuse of privates during the last 3 months, and about