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attributes the deformity of her first-born to having been frightened by

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It is an operation which includes in its last developments an intellectual

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No paper shall occupy more than t-Mnty minutes in delivery. All

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these Acts to places where they were not now in force. The Govern-

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The Great Consumption and Blood Physician, Dr. H. K. Root, may be con-

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Life, notwithstanding all the Methods used in order to

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■was due solely to hypertrophy, and not to cystic or other disease.

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control of the radial. It supplies the muscles attached to the olecranon

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and tubercles at others. The mediastinum and its lymphatic glands

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ciently for our position ; but instead of one we have

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more than I did last fall. Truly thankful that you have saved my life,

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hoof was separated. Along the plantar commissure the horn was

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ought to do, the horse fell down in the shafts. ,It was unharnessed and

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clinical observer than of a practitioner who knows the practical neces-

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Dr. Cobbold said that if it were asked why English graduates at the

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2 P.M. — Royal London Ophthalmic, 11 a.m. — Royal Free, 2 p.m.

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taneous loss of life, the drop was increased from eight to fourteen feet.

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invaluable medicines, the rheumatism entirely left me, and my joints became strong

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on the preceding days. Next morning she was found dead. As to the

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nection with avarice, and suggests thatj in^ the old

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From the 2nd to the 14th June little change occurred. The per-

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dents: Dr. Simpson and Dr. Lyons. Secretaries : Dr. H. Barnes, Car-

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distended and inflamed. It contained no foreign body, but in the

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The point at which it had been arrested remained sensitive for some

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new dress, and the result of treatment also, evidently bore out this

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consisted of a stroma arranged in tracts, surrounding spaces filled with

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to avoid dogmatism. Because it is proved that a certain cause, or

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Workhouse, and the official inquiry was looked forward to with interest.

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" On entering hospital the animal was depressed and took no

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to see how things are managed. But still we must allege that the

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teaching of Europe, and improved upon it to tlie full extent character-

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long rest in the stable. It is to-day generally allowed that the cause,

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for real sacrifice of time, labour, and thought, he has been a thorough

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santly. The pupil was dilated, pulse about 60. No hardness of gluteal

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some brain lesion. It was slaughtered. In the cranium was found a

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projects prominently. At the same time other phenomena peculiar to