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occur in case of latent abscess, if the pus breaks from its cavit}-, causing
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him Lucius Sylla, Pherecides, the Syrian — the preceptor of Pythagoras
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shock when the state of negativity is maintained by the exclusions of
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of manifestation arc numerous and varied. The causes of this affec-
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on Medical Jurisprudence, has not been formally discussed in the
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for such cases, and in that |)eriod of time I have seen,
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He passed his stools in bed to-day when in a dosing state. November 7 th. — Counte-
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tient had first noticed a tremor of the hands fourteen years
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severe pain and a sense of oppression, with a strong, non-compressible
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the tumor had passed into the cranial cavity. There
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tive relation of neurasthenia to uterine and ovarian disease.
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depends largely on the stage of the disease; when dropsy is
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in these diseases, with reference to the saving of life.
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the characters of carcinoma; for instance, the mamma appeared atro-
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and its surface covered with adhesions. Section showed
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preponderating influence of the father on the mortality
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" The first purgative that we use, may seem, on some occasions, to aggravate
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therefore, that are not able, successfully to treat these affections,
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ago the number of lepers in Norway increased to an astounding ex-
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Samuel T. Lipsitz, A. L. Fuerth and A. J. Cross 913
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of three lartje wards and one small ward and a delivery-
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galvanic battery for the generation of the continuous galvanic current. These
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infections. The rise of temperature in benign tertian and quartan/ma\j^rj§L^it%kes
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cases, only temporary, and ends when the patient goes home
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[Pohjgyra tridentata (Say)] and Helix altemata [Pyramidula altemata (Say)].
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discussing the treatment of gonorrheal salpingitis,
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are mixed variously, neither is there any certain rule for this ; since at one time one
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The tough will fight and will commit other anti-social
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letter of inquiry answered, to write a ringing endorse-
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atony of the gastric muscularis may be entirely concealed by pronounced
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Henoch has recorded four cases of nephritis which were apparently the
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Interesting cases of brain-tumor were reported by Dr.
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the scar, moreover, may be influenced by many factors that may be
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rumination reported by W. A, Hubbard.' A farmer, aged
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deficiency of liquid is exemplified* b}* the abnormal density and firmness
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sputum more or less homogeneous and then to sediment or centrifugalize
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Etiology. — It may result from rupture of an aneurism
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characterised by lameness, swelling, and other signs ah^eady
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mouth, may be carried down even into the finest bronchi by the current