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epiphora subsided. The vision of the patient was sufficiently
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The Committee nominally consists of thirty six members but only
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disease and what is most striking out of cases of hyper
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were brought under the notice of the members. Dr. Begbie the
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pulsation at the wrist could be detected but the axillary has been
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discharge appeared once it would not occur again until after the
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On Green Park estate and in that neighbourliood there are
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The questions that presented themselves here related
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producing a feeling of palpitation and distress at the pit of
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quantity of urine was drawn off. In the evening the blood which
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advanced cases of Bright s disease. He had explained views and
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and after its removal we obtain a concentrated saline solution in
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Oct.. Had but little sleep and wandered somewhat during
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clot of blood. Upon opening the large vessels about the heart and
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PharvuiceulicalJounial a Report of Experiments made to as
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and endeavours to introduce where he sees it flow a director or probe
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exhibited a remarkable tendency to heal while the ulcers on the
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white substance of the hemispheres were filled with orange
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the funds of this most excellent institution to be held at the Loudon
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with an infamous accusation. Is it not enough in a family
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tion and structure of the mass it formed as I diagnosed at
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districts in which they died also the weekly number of births of
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that on a repetition of the blister being proposed by the
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which are cast off during the progress of acute desquamative
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dihptheritic rash or peculiar redness of the tongue reveals an
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appearance of the ha morrhoids and the suffering they
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whole of the superior lateral and posterior parts of the cranium.
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required for its success many more precautions than that at pre
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disease of the mucous or cutaneous surface. In this instance
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neck of the bladder. In eighteen cases the tumours were double
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well as the lower part of the coat sleeves. There were no
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was submitted to the Society. Mr. Curling s improvement of