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sesqui chloride of iron being given internally at the same time.

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a beautiful blue solution formed But if I heat this I

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Dr. Findlay late surgeon of the Alecto on the Coast of. frica

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by the votes of every licensed member of the Profession

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expenditure of the body for the uses of the inhabitants

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besides holding the office of Vice President from the first esta

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should be chosen for the child has then acquired some strengfth

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where discovery is impossible until it is too late.

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but in a few seconds the patient had ceased to breathe and

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is important to know how they are formed out of the body but

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deterioration in the quality of the pulse on the patient s

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In order to test its agency on the sore itself I have

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scissors are closed by being drawn partly into the canula

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more conducive to the interests of science than a well ground and

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solution of iodine than London surgeons do of injecting the same

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detached by ulceration. It was through this opening that the

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voting by proxy in the case of provincial members is considered

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Microscopical Society. At the last meeting a paper was

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brain. The basilar artery was sound as also the other

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that during the last year the number of new Fellows who have

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the eye whether there is much earthy phosphate present