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with which the kidneys carry on the excretion of water,


ly regulate his conduct in conformity with its precepts, but should edu-

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months and 28 years 1 month. Females have the advantage ; thus in

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as guest of honor in November at the unveiling of the

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tervals of four hours in most cases, and, even more

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consider it, therefore, ftiore efficient in controlling the inflammation when

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of the New Testament. It is as follows : Glass 1. Possessed

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nous inflammation. His faith in the protective power of vacci-

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carefully watched, and, upon the first appearance of prostration or diar-

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raw state. Interesting charts. Demonstration of diag-

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The scholarship pays !|3,00() per annum, plus tuition,

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Dr. Pisani: Thank you, Dr. Millen, for your presentation. I now call upon Dr.

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more or less transient associates in the care of a case,

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has been defrayed from private sources, usually the

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all the blood washed out of the heart after removal

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tors are made as if by magic, from every class, gender and sex,

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age, fell out of his nurse's arms, and was thereby made lame,

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tion to ascertain the nature of the presentation — ^which was of the

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the most potent oral estrogen with the most potent oral androgen

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of name and editorship, has been owned by them ever

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Please mention Illinois Medical Journal when writing to advertisers

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of motive power, as soon as its composition is made known.

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the State Department of Public Health for consultation

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ment, by modern methods, of selected cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

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medication for adults would appear to be an initial daily

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Mason W. A. Steele, Havana W. H. Schuette, Mason City.

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and Rakoff, A. E.: Vaginal Infections, Infestations, and Dis-

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in the Home” was chosen because of the unrest in the

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lapsed lungs in a large number of cases knows that in

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and then recur with the reestablishment of the menses.

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brochure tentatively entitled, “Procedure for Or-

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first of our distinguished fifty-year practitioners.

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suffering from cancer of the lung? The operation, per-

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had a great deal of pollen but we had more actual dust

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community look for such medicmes as are pure, not only " good of their

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fields of public health, agriculture, and engineering,

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there w'as a distinct need for postgraduate training

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If the committee considers that no essay or contribution is worthy of a prize, it will

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those who may need the information, that "knowing our

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Loud., Mar., 1932, impetigo contagiosa is a strepto

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ning committee of the State Society at the business

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Valley, practice of general surger}^ in the former office

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2. L. M. Zimmerman : Amer. Jour. Med. Sci., 1929, Vol.

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half of aU fatal accidents occur. “Up to the age of

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February 3. The lecture was delivered at the regular

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8 — Moving picture films on health subjects secured