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the Professor of Surgery in King s College. It is pleasing
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incisions are not required in most operations upon the upper
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weeks with cough and the usual symptoms of phthisis which he
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These experiments of Mr. Millington fully confirm my own
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refractile. In all there was a distinct and perfect wall and in many
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of the other patients in the ward a small one was not
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opposite direction. Both of them have seen a portion of the
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The case was operated on and died soon after the operation and
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had occurred in two fifths of the cases operated on. There
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ance coals and candles. Candidates must possess the double
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position of the body but if the loss of blood be considerable
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inevitable I employed the following apparatus The wood
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tation of capital falls to the share of his children.
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peculiar whitish waxy appearance and a very definite
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attempts at cure by operation on the subclavian on the tracheal side
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run down but none appeared in the cervical cavitj. The cut sub
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