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mer there is stolidity, lack of interest, and bodily inactivity ; in the
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serum intraspinally. At the end of six weeks all pain and hyperesthesia were
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early as 1883 Kocher grafted a piece of a goitre which had just been
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amounts, and in very large amounts in beans, rice polishings, and some
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ever, an occasional case may be benefited or relieved symptomatically
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first, which comprises six cases (Cases 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9) the following
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weeks; says breakfast is usually a biscuit with jelly and coffee.
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in any dreams that he might have entertained regarding the perfec-
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*24. Canter: Myxoedeine et Goitre Exophthalmique, p. 1.
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Pain is often the first symptom that attracts attention. It may
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certain mucors will, when injected into the veins of a rabbit, cause
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circulate freely in the blood according to Herrick and Janeway, also
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ditis. The influence of syphilis in this regard has already been
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of the voluntary muscles. One of the most important considerations
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are sufficiently aggregated together to form a tumor. Lymphangio-
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incident cases in the four years from age 16 to age 20 is shown in
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The interpretation of the results will be found in tin' text.
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J. W. Babcock, 2 M.D., superintendent of State Hospital for Insane,
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effect of various salts and alkaline substances 228
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from the experiments of Gottlieb that have already been mentioned,
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Eiselsberg 00 on cats, had already suggested in England the transplan-
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knife, subcutaneous injection of an irritating fluid, such as iodine, and
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condition. However, this patient, instead of improving while under
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family {Brit. Med. Jour. 1888, 11, 287). A beginning of such records
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descending pathways was expected after demonstration of frequent nerve
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Inflammation of the veins in any serious degree does not occur from
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Among the factors of the morbid conditions of arteries, heart, and
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6. Evidence of residence very close to an antecedent pellagrin has
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which have already undergone chronic morbid changes.
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the glucose appearing in the urine bears a constant relation to the
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ten minutes is sufficient to remove antitryptic substances to such an
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Magnus-Levy found the losses were greater during the beginning of
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gram are interpreted as follows: At times the impulse from the
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reaching over of the apex to the left, even as far as the axillary line.
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menced near the natural menopause, but that in some cases it is
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toms. When it shall come to pass that the nature of the affection
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One series of experiments was made with extracts and suspensions
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tates the calcium and prevents the further formation of thrombin, but
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