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potash proved useful in allaying thirst restraining nausea
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does not require any comment. While we willingly admit
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and sleep still l.ss and drink still more than previously
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face was oedtimatous to a considerable extent but fluctuation
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stimulants a manifest improvement took place in all his
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up and the opaque portion of the cornea had become much
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Dr. Blair s letter is accompanied by returns the synopsis for the
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for their diagnosis and treatment such as ulcerations of the ute
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ever very quiet and lies chiefly on his back respiration
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part of his remarks. He criticised Mr. Langley s practice in treating
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an atmosphere that would otherwise deteriorate the health of the
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We do not recollect to have seen any plate of this kind thnt
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essay on some subject to be amiually announced. Candidates for
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the solution placed on a plate of glass examined microscopically.
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I feel that to mention them thtis briefly will be suffic ect. make
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In the last edition of Dr. Ramsbotham s very valuable and beau
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antecedent viz. incomplete action of the lungs and one universal
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ing eighteen hours a day and he continued to do so during
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in length. Adhesions had taken place between the surfaces of the
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The particular books selected for examination and all other information
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Now when you have a person before you whose palate is
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dentally moditied by this circumstance. We may theiefore infer
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in the present condition of the law there was nothing to pre
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views of each branch of the healing art including the appli
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Adhesions of the Ovaries were observed in thirteen cases in two
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the Registrar General s and other mortality Reports and demon
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Censor be not elected another Fellow to be proposed by the
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communication give honour to whom honour is due by showing
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the disease continues to progress to a fearful extent in every part
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lents with which phosphoric acid can combine. Tne bi
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were found pi ojecting from it. As it was evident to Dr. Arnott
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ALES of THIS SEASON S BREWINGS are now ready for delivery and
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stitution does not seem much affected although there is a
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Trabecule and Blood vesselb of the Spleen Mr. Grimsdale o
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a diverticulum crossing over the bowel in front of tlie spine and