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of syphilis, have always failed to convince the colonial surgeons

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but restless at night. Complains of no pain or uneasiness. Tongue

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sorption of the liquid ; and it then i)ersists until agglutination of the

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the disease itself; and it is no uncommon event to find worms in

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ings will be iTiserted when they are received in time.

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scopie. iMcJ., 105-113. Rapport siirl endodiascopie:

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poses by the poor of the neighbourhood (and probably of the East-end

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l»jing ln)iTil)le. The cavity Avas two-thirds full of red-

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neurons may be traced through the coi'ona radiata and internal capsule

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with the result of treatment in ray own experience.

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greatest care must be taken in the disinfection of the skin in the

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that recovered, was 18^- days. This diminished mortality, but greater

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ing cases, provided the tracings compared are all of a maximum height,

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might be sufficient room for the undelivered chest of the child to expand.

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equal to, if not larger than, mine. 2. To diminish the dose,

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top of the growth, while its base remains firmly embedded

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dilitation, to which the term diastole strictly applies. So far

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that he went to the parents' house, and found the de-

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upon a nerve, even though the percussion were hardly

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velopment of standard lists of stimulus words (which in itself re-

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that it can obtain as much pure air as possible. It is therefore

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the end of that period she remarked a fulness of the abdomen, which

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vii, 296. — Nettlesliip (E.) Enucleation within forty-

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of the skin from the vaginal -discharges should be guarded

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its employment have not been clearly set forth. Chloral hy-

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veneseotion aff"ords the only hope of benefit. If during

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is seldom any dropsy ; the pulse is full and strong ; the face is

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745. — 't'hompson (R.) Four cases of advancement of

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Society. In its platform the society denounces organi-

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function in the human organism. Indeed, it has been said by one

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,-J I As|«rav'inc 25 l-;}5-10" 1-53 xlO"'- 882-4 5-53

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The fact that the region of country in which the aquatic plant

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used for cleansing the parts, and the after-treatment

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The ribs are then divided between the ligatures and the

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C. Estimated Population of China by Provinces and of Its Principal

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3. In pelvic suppurations the conduct to be used is variable and re-

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published as a kind of appendix to that of Dr. Graefe, in which is described a

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