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A. Cooper's works. Praetiee and Theory, Gregory, Good, Eberle, and Dewees. 0h$t$trie9, J. Burns.

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out betraying any symptoms of the existence of tubercles in the peri-

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commonly met with. I must warn you, however, against the

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He has not had the opportunity of studying in a conclusive manner the

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plished by means of the fingers and handle of the scalpel, the

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deviate. December 15. — Patient got a bronchitis, which to-day proved fatal.

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minutes. The duration of each paroxysm may be only a few seconds, or

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aminations Division of the Board of Regents of the State of New York and must furnish evidence of the satisfactory

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given his evidence. It is simply disgraceful to see medical

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called anaphylactic asthma. In this article, certain results are

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first half of this report, found that cauterization of Hitzig's centres for

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hours. The intervals between the convulsions became longer.

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hemispheres. In Winter and Deanesly's collection the abscess was

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The chapter on Inflammation will be found to contain the

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their communicability under certain conditions. For

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might have been prevented, if the practitioner had properly in-

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eration of the cells or casts. Crystalline needles of fat have in a few cases been

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a transverse wound on his throat ; it was about four inches in length, ami

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to the reported observations, in those cases at least in which it is performed at this

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would the so-called emmenagogues do toward correcting the amenorrhea

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life, had been enumerated among the signs that it was malignant. He set

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phrenic or precordial regions over the rest of the economy,

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urate of soda in the joint, and Ebstein considers that this joint

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or less complete epileptic attack. Excision of this

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with great hemorrhage. On consultation he (Dr. Ringland) suggested

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peculiar bodies of a sulphur-yellow color, with a striking

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