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pial vessels by water applications; for if the latter were accepted we

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malarial regions ; they usually arise from neglected cases and continue

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are in the shape of a truncated cone, as to form of melon." I

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ening it more thoroughly before application, thus converting the com-

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reflex theory is more probable, as the retraction is brought about by

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however, that old and apparently healed tuberculous lesions undergo

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The import of temperature and duration and mechanical impact of

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not sufficiently large, present to us the appalling fatality of typhoid

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attack is peculiarly prone to manifest irregularities. In the pre-eruptive

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the sheet abstracts heat from the blood in the cutaneous vessels, whose

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name from its resemblance to the pine-cone. Botanically it

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constitution, undergoes a series of changes, ending in its

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Notes payable to the Publisher, GEORGE ELLIOTT, 219 Spadina Road.

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thus the general course of the disease is characterized by irregularity.

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rapid (120-140 or more), feeble, and possibly irregular (often dicrotic),

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