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age ; they are met with in the kidney of the foetus in ittero and in the
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than one protoplasmic fibre may occupy the old sheath. The fibre now
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thema, miliaria alba, etc. Several diseases which are accompanied by sweat-
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proportion as the deep-seated, as is the case in cardiac hypertrophy. Di-
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Prognosis. — The prognosis is always unfavorable ; its tendency is steadily
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abundant serous effusion containing flocculi of lymph. The ])leural
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Symptoms. — An acute coryza may be ushered in by a slight chill. It is
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is a rare ^but always a fatal complication. There may be complete loss of
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neighboring bones, muscles, connective-tissue, or, rarely, to the cranial
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never before have disagreed with him, now give rise to dyspej^tic symj^toms
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cleansed after each examination. Freshly slacked lime mixed with pow-
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We find recorded cases of malarial fever which have been developed upon
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Etiology. — Acute non-infectious endocarditis is rarely, if ever, idiopathic.
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These preparations are exceedingly beautiful, and the staining, first of the
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remainder of the attack ; nitro-muriatic acid acts favorably in most cases.
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Treatment. — When a movable kidney is painful, rest is indicated, and a
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strictest cleanliness is observed in this operation, it will have a very
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that the fever is of the quotidian type. At least thirty grains of quinine
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introducing into the system the infection of other diseases. I have in my
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which are scybalous masses and shreds of sloughing mucous tissue. The
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fevers and acute general diseases. Pneumonia is allied to acute general
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in the lungs of such persons do not always become tubercular. The
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Morbid Anatomy. — The post-mortem appearances vary with the period at
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with curved or straight scissors. ~Ro hemorrhage is likely to result.
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is affected. The soft-parts over the bone become swollen, edematous,
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epigastrium, sometimes amounting to constriction, Avhich comes on from
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When these patients are in a debilitated condition iodide of potassium