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Professor of Diseases of the Stomach, and JOHN RUHRAH, M. D., Pro-
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opening. When the canal is tortuous the location of the
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tumults of the atmosphere, have occurred at the same periods.
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The tremor of the hands, the general nervousness and the tachycardia
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peutic value, which is exerted in and beyond the stomach.
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Dr. Kuhn cited, among others, the names of Thos. Penrose
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groups are, mostly, oblong in form ; and they occupy that part
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is formad upon the general organon of the New York, Chicago and Paris
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head was gradually becoming paler and less risible ; the small
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bromide salts, because, pterhaps, to be honest, I knew no
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dose was brought her, she was seized with | but makes the following honourable men-
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finding any flagellates of any kind in them, while flagellate
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real pyloric stenosis. The baby was to be operated upon, and that
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Calvin P. Fiske, M.D., formerly of Fiskdale, Mass., 68 years.
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feeble, instead of tartar emetic the more stimulating expectorants
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only full of matter, but on most of the many subjects it em-
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Dr. Thayer and I were criticised very severely by the
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tiirough the chief stomata vera, aided by thousands
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abscess of the neck succeeding scarlatina. The abscess had been opened
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aminers on the 9th inst., and, when eligible, will be admitted
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If the above observations are deemed worthy a place in your
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of serum injected, but the duration of the treatment ; (9,) The daily
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The fee for all the courses is $50. Matriculation fee, $5. Graduation fee, $15.
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teth's pills, sugar quoted. Please send enough ajjpecac
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Is it not time some very definite action in this great national
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tus aud delirium, there could be no question that it
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; obstacle to this mode of perpetrating suicide ; and in reference to age, suicide
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iii, 80; 117. — Soubhy (S.) Le pelerinage ^l la Mecque et
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the warden, matron, and other employees. An investi-
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der severe fever with sore throat. On examining the fauces I found the
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warmth upon the American colonies and soon after upon the young
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leprosy, representing the last traces of that affection in our part of
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reals. — Messrs. Hayes, of Roxbury, and Jackson, of Bos-
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nasal or guttiu^ ; in the latter, the tone itself is modified, the voice is
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that — leaving the body-cells out of account — the germ-plasm contained in
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reported by Suckling, there was intention-tremor of the right arm ;