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tained specific antibodies which if injected into the

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30 Dr. Churchill on the Length of the Umbilical Cord.

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the absorption of all inflammatory and j)ostinflam-

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analysis was given of those cases under observation

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sides: in these are situated, on the north, three villages, which are

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Tur.snAY, April Sth. — Pediatric Society; Physicians'

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to speak. Therefore, perhaps, it is best for me to say little or

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Wednesday, May /th. — College of Physicians ; Laryngo-

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whose thyroid glands were rich in colloid and had a

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and secondly the spinal marrow with the nerves issuing from

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to parts in a state of suppuration ; and Mr. Labatt, from whom I

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after gathering information and starting the library,

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tive of all, hemorrhagic pneumonitis, a term applied

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nuity and success in various kinds of reparative operations. He

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said in part, that up to the time of the signing of

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stramonium, although the effects of the latter on the system

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ary 27tli, Dr. John W. Mitchell, aged seventy-one years.

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ity on the part of the colon bacillus for the kidney

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fortify the health and so lessen, if not eradicate, the liability

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junctival reflexes present and the teeth are normal.

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Fig. 13. — Fibroid lung before compression. Note gas formation,

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Associate Professor of Surgery at the Johns Hopkins

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but it was evident, from the collapse of her features, and the