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The prognosis as to life is not unfavorable, although individuals thus affected

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opinion on the relation of the corpus striatum to thermal and vaso-motor

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Dangers of Operation. — What of the dangers of the

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thoracic tumors in a clinical sense. In the case to be reported below

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Literary Intelligence. — The sixth edition of Hutchison

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Sir S. Xorthcote said he should not bring on the Metropolitan

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ration of 1,000 calories, therefore, can by no means claim to meet

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triangle of Simon. Curschmann says he has seen a macular initial

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breed, this being doubtless due to the great weight the feet of

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^ but no deposit of lead could be seen anywhere, nor was any point* -

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of the white atrophic and red vascular spots duly noted. The presence

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the low pressure well at first, but felt better after some time had

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the nephritis. It must be closely watched, even after the disappearance of

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epiglottis, there is no measure to be compared to injection of the

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best to destroy the animal, unless a very simple fracture and the

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the trunk or upon a limb, it may spread until it has covered the whole body.

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4. If to any one anything of evil has been done, 1 so 1 B y a knot *

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had lost some of its power, as was shown by the dynamometer, and the patient could

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Since mercury and iodide of potash are regarded as specifics.

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Approximately ninety tests were made on each patient by the

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be exactly similar, no such result had taken place at the end of

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charge of plagiarism against Dr. Fowler, implied, if

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periphenal arterioles, tonics, with which tlie bromides

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them. This fact was announced by Bichat, but has received

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days of Hippocrates and Galen, and yet within this last year, Dr. Austin

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request of Professor Sayre, and with the exception of an

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difficult to decide how fiir the bad nutrition of the patient, the pale-

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bled a small quantity, but was very slight, and healed without

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recorded by Landry, M. Gubler, who had the charge of it, thought