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4. Competent local siipet-vision of mortuary returns and registration of

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his life, as was believed, from her want of skill. Mrs. D'Ewes tra-

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vented by Dr. H. K. Root, of 512 Broadway, New York. It seems to be an inva-

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Gentlemen are requested to proceed to this room immediately on

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(One of these died with delirium and enlarg-ement of the kidnc.ys).

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Brown : Injury to the back and pelvis ; no fracture ; only slightly able

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rigors. It w.as elastic on manipulation. On placing the flat hand upon

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of the scaphoid bone. This is found, but in a less degree, in some

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year, there will be a pass-examination for entrance to the higher

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nasal cavity on the affected side. Sometimes, as in the case men-

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saril}- pass through the left heart ; they ma}^ adhere to the endocardium,

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having the slightest pretensions to luxuries of any kind. The floors are

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Pafets. — -The following papers have been promised.

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The subjects treated of in the works in question — viz., the preparations

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results obtained in 250 cases of pneumonia. Specially arranged packs

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than by anything else, or than by the whole array of medicines : and

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own estimate of weight and quality, should require of the farmer who

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tone to the enfeebled circulation. Thus, when other diuretics have

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that the ideal citizen is not the man who gives millions

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May to August, 1829 (Edinburgh Medical and Surgical

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during the last three years, during which he has had constant oppor-

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up their secrets ; the mysteries of life in health and in disease are wrested

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WESTMINSTER HOSPITAL— Resident House-Surgeon: applications, 6th;

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description, together with a short reference, for insertion in the Cata-

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