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tebra', breast, and hyperesthesia in the mammary region, as observed
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same year, but in the preceding year, in each instance. In fact, the
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in various species of animals and in men. The results of thyroidec-
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On the whole, then, I am disposed to subscribe to the belief of the
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tracted the arterioles, and Foster showed that it slowed the pulse by
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elements in the cases in which no coronary atheroma exists are sec-
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he had become crazed and was unconscious for fifteen hours. Following that
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repeated. Even when there is good evidence of coagulation partial
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loss of calcium from the tissues, which ran parallel to the amount of
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cities, with the strange exceptions of Lyons and the urban district of
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is still present as compared with control (Tube 5). In concentrations less than 0.25 per cent.
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diagnosis of tabes dorsalis was made. Twenty-eight years before he had had
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may be relieved at once by the inhalation of amyl nitrite.
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respective age group. In the negroes the number of observations for
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children. Another daughter, Pellagrin 580, who married in 1910, developed
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5. Ranvier: Des clasmatocyte, Compt. rend. Acad. d. Sc, 1890. ex. 165.
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on the 25th, 19 per cent, in two hours. The blood urea nitrogen on April 21
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Baumgarten that the syphilitic lesions of the cerebral arteries only
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first group it is probable, since the plasma chlorids were below normal,
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me that in 1907 they sold more pure lard than compound, while now
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doubted," says Gowers, "that Bright's disease is a cause of miliary
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globulin test (Noguchi). The Wassermann reaction was positive with 0.4 c.c.
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Instances have been recorded in which the attack has commenced
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produce important effects of a different and in the main opposite
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standard textbooks on the morphology of the brain, which were freely con-
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nuclear (transitional) cells of the peripheral blood can be identified on
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Again, if the disease were a deficiency disease, fresh meat, milk and
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Morawitz and Lossen 8 and Sahli 9 are inclined to attribute the
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without the bleedings; Tufnell systematized the plan so that the
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elevated masses, situated on the skin of the face, neck, or other part
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the purpose, which is applied directly to the region of the heart.
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man, and the nature of hereditary morbid tendencies, could we rely on
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of the investigation of it. As later generations learned that natural
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admits of another interpretation in the slowing of the muscular con-
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higher than about 3.4 to 1 previously reported for human diabetics
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three types of Auguste Comte — the man of thought, the man of feel-
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Shetland, where the race is Norse, returns fewer deaths from brain
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not suffice of itself to produce a thrombus. The coagulation of blood
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ficial and deep reflexes were present and normal. Rectal examination was
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the form of the electrocardiograms, which is especially noticeable
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gated into the left auricular appendix, which in certain cases winds
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detail, in the hope that they may throw some light on the poorly under-
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only three instances were there earlier cases of pellagra in the house-
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was reduced to 7,300 per On May 24 a second intraspinal treatment
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gave a positive reaction for bilirubin to Gmelin's and Hueppert's tests and the