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have now no time, I purpose to say a few words on the treatment ot
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tional cases can it be seen. Few cases of " dancing of the arteries "
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— 2. To Dr. Hubert Von Luschka, "Professor in the University of
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regarding diagnosis : the dog was tuberculous. The owner consented
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and a rubber drainage-tube inserted. The sinus was frequently washed
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chest, to ascertain if the effusion consists of pus ; and when found to
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some defect in nutrition, the cerebral nerve-tissue became intolerant of
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ascertained that in 9 cases the persons had been vaccinated, and in 29
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dependent on the kind of nest peculiar to the species. The females of
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crepitant rale ; but if the centres of lobular pneumonia become con-
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flammation. Two patients with this complication died. One showed
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remain good. This is particularly the case in cancer of the mammary
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an upper row of two bones, a lower of four bones, and an intermediate
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services were acceptable to his fellow townsmen, for in
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should be rescinded, and that he act as full surgeon, and receive with
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trifling symptoms shown to injuries about the mouth. A buyer was
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meter marked 40-5° C. Two and a half drachms of quinine sulphate
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and Steele for their services as Honorary Secretaries during the past
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At present, there are two special elements' which lessen the intrinsic
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and removed by torsion. The muscular wound was closed by inter-
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He complained of pain in the back and limbs, slept badly, and breathed
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late Charles Wooler, Esq., of Aiirticld, on June 30th.
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impurity as to become available for this branch of manufacture. Of
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Is the matter really of such importance as to call for energetic remon-
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Ne^•ertheless the animal had been able to regularly perform trotting
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back ; only able to move legs very slightly. Emily Grove : Severe
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Dismay was depicted in every countenance on the streets; and every
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but sometimes small and soft ; cough is less frequent and discharge
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than normal, and pressure over it only caused dull pain, the animal
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of qualifications would be worse confounded. He could not under-
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towards lessening the spread of syphilis. Even if they could do a little,
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that due to muscular rheumatism ; sometimes it resembles paralysis,
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a few loops of small intestine and epiploon, had scarcely inconvenienced
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of sugar per thousand ; in certain diabetic patients tiie proportion rises
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The\' may occur wherever this tissue exists, i.e. in all organs. The
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of substance, giving them a reticulated or fenestrated appearance ; in
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room. I applied to several physicians, who informed me it could uol be cured ex-
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admission to hospital. I wish to remind you of its history. The