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be formed. He had recommended the frequent washing out the

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two last years held the office of President of the Chemical

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By ascertainins that the urine of reptiles consists wholly of uric

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acquaintance of mine formerly a surgeon of eminence in a

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influence and a circulation possessed at the present time by no Medical

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has been altogether suspended during the last week. She

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decided advantage in doses of or min. of tinct. in elderly

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more conducive to the interests of science than a well ground and

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Mercurial purgatives were indicated early in the disease

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to die. Mr. Gay limits his method to those casfs where the

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reality contrihuted the best share towards the cure but if the

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true nature of the disease but when four months old the eye was

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labours. In all cases of abortion which have occurred in my

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sugar ants infested the water and thereby he discovered the

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mist. Low diet. To confine himself to a warm room in

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proper one and he hoped that now the precedent had been esta

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estimable man. For upwards of forty years an lyiclouded and

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but his denial that any tumefaction occurs in pneumonia is

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cells nor even the debris of renal epithelium are normally visi

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with the after treatment of these cases upon which I also

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ordinary dyspepsia resulting from indulgence in the use of

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from the very first tlie swelling was hard apparently

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iufectively on healthy persons within its range and may

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opening by an operation. You saw that I brought the edges of

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about it. It is in reality only the development of the

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If it should happen to seem desirable to re introduce the

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violent. He could grasp with both bands. The tongue was

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were the lecturers connected with the school the medical officers

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Detailed prospectuses forms of proposal and every information

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unknown land. In the lower part of Bowling street and oc

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having previously appeared to be well but pale and anxmic sud

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carried by an overwhelming majority in a vestry of over rate

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with this thoracic c itension of the abdominal cavity was a large

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pearing it was discontinued. From this time January th little

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determination by the circumstance that she was in good

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to remedy if possible such a condition of iarts. With this view

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seems to us of so much importance to the community at

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examined. The abdomen at no time appeared distended nor

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almost satisfied him on that head. He had seen many emphy

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tution of a new passage for the facal contents of the intestine

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sinus as well us of the mastoid portion externally and the pa

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I have many times found considerable diflBculty in bringing the

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cleaned and considerable irritation caused however the

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should be provided Ist. That in the election of the Council all

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Ascaris and Strongylus. Viviparity and metamorphosis of the iuinea

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